As the COO, Kervick is responsible for the implementation of procedures and systems for LEPS including agent training and structure, supplier management, strategic and sales avenues, marketing, and interactions with customers, vendors, contractors, and manufacturers. He focuses on ensuring appropriate systems, processes, and procedures that meet performance management arrangements are in place to deliver a consistently high-quality level of service; and day-to-day data, systems, and reporting to analyze input and output for consistency and repeatability.

Kervick has been working at the executive level of operations in the energy management technology and manufacturing industries for the last 25 years. His most recent roles include Managing Partner of MetalWorkings and COO/QM of Omni Turbine Parts, COO of Arizona Cast Turbine, and VP of Komtek Technologies. He also served as managing partner of K2 Green Solutions where Kervick helped develop state of the art impedance matching and harmonic reduction equipment for inductive loads as well as the implementation of Demand Response Programs utilizing microturbines, batteries, and various generation technologies throughout the North East and California.

Kervick earned his Bachelor of Science in Business from Assumption College, with MBA Studies from the University of New Hampshire.