Are your utility bills high, and going even higher?

Leading Edge provides a solution to high utility “time of use” tariff rates (energy charges) & how much energy you use in each on-peak hour (demand charges.)

Our LE-240 generator has been specially developed to be an on-site, clean, natural gas engine that saves you money by running during peak pricing hours, at a substantial lower cost than what you would be paying the utility.


Is this a clean energy generator?


Does this pass all the AQMD requirements (regulatory agency that monitors emissions)?


Does the LE 240 produce more energy than the same kW size of Solar?

Yes. The generator can run 24 hours a day. We are not restricted to the sun or weather.

Can it work along with my Solar?


How big are the units?

They are the size of a small shipping container. Roughly 15 feet long, 4.5 feet wide, 8 feet tall.

How am I charged?

Through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). Like your utility, we bill you for just the kWh (kilowatts) the system produces.

How does my company see the savings?

We audit the savings by comparing your new lower utility bill against what your bill would have been without the LE 240.

Does my company have to do anything besides present to you my energy bills?

One hard copy of a current utility bill and the interval (hourly – 12 months) load data from the utility web site.

How long does an install take?

From a signed PPA, 90 to 120 days delivery. Physical install takes about a week.

Who works with the city on permits and electric company interconnection ?

Leading Edge Power Solutions does all permitting.

Is there a minimum time frame to have the system?

Our PPA is for 7 years

If something breaks, who is responsible?

Leading Edge Power Solutions maintains the system.

Who pays for the natural gas?

Leading Edge Power Solutions pays for the natural gas.

With the LE 240, am I still connected to the utility?

Yes, the LE 240 runs in a grid parallel mode.