Does your facility need a sustainable backup power supply? With businesses facing skyrocketing energy costs, it’s important to have an energy source that is both affordable and sustainable. Our clean generators is built to provide extremely stable and reliable energy that is consistently lower than standard utility rates.

Bringing together innovative generator design and manufacturing, emissions control technology, electric load and tariff analysis, and remote monitoring, our solution is the cleanest of its kind. With the LEPS proprietary technology, you will be able to reduce your electricity costs and guarantee power to your commercial/industrial facility with a generator and system that maximizes your energy efficiency and reduces your carbon footprint.

Discover how our innovative energy solution works with your current utility grid to ensure a continuous power supply.

Our Modular & Scalable
PowerPack Products

Designed to function alongside a microgrid, Leading Edge’s PowerPack generators will enhance your power system’s functionality and performance long term. Using natural gas, both the LE170 and LE350 pod-style generators work to supply a continuous energy source for your applications.

Each unit is capable of supporting 350kW and each train 2.1 MW, giving you the ability to be prepared for a variety of power needs. Take advantage of our signature power solutions, proven to save energy costs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Our On-Site clean
Natural Gas Generator

Installed on-site, our clean natural gas generator is “dispatchable” and works in relationship with your standard utility grid. By running at optimal times during the day and night, our generator is designed to reduce high demand charges and heavy loads placed on standard utility lines.

In addition, the clean LE 240 generator can run “grid-independent”, increasing your facility’s capabilities during grid outages or emergencies. Enclosed in a unitized shipping container built with level 3 sound-deadening materials, your facility will receive the energy it needs without objectionable noise levels.

Take Advantage of
Surety in Energy Rates

With a locked-in price that will be at a lower price-point than your utility, you’re only responsible for the power you use. Since our natural gas engine operates during peak load and demand periods, you can trust that your facility will be kept running with affordable and predictable energy rates at every point in your process.

Our customizable energy management software also supports California’s “Public Safety Power Shutoff” program, helping you eliminate additional costs faced during power outages.

Save On High
Demand Charges

Designed as a cleaner energy source, our products use natural gas and our proprietary software to automatically dispatch our generator to reduce peak demand charges. By doing this, our generator reduces your utility bill and provides resiliency for your energy needs.

Our Innovative
Energy Solution

Once you discover LEPS, you’ll realize the drawbacks of your standard utility provider. In three simple steps, our team works to implement an energy-producing solution that will save you money long term.


For zero cost to vetted facilities, LEPS installs a natural gas generator system for continuous and backup power onsite.


The system is then initiated and controlled by LEPS to prevent demand charges, on-peak rates, and TOU (time of use) tariffs.


The facility pays for the kWh of genset runtime at fixed rates outlined in an ESA. LEPS remains responsible for ongoing system O&M.

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