Pay now for your immediate backup generator needs and enjoy 7 years of backup and peak shaving, free.

“Securing power through California’s fire season is a must for all commercial and industrial businesses. Our promise, now and forever, is to help you restore the power you need, today, and to help you safeguard for the future—providing our clients with a quick alternative fuel solution with long-term savings.”

—David Walters, CEO

Leading Edge Power Solutions is a Distributed Energy Resource (DER) provider based on a unique peak shaving and emergency backup generation technology. Part of our solution is to assist California’s commercial and industrial businesses to not only overcome the brownouts and blackouts caused by the lack of grid resiliency but to proactively safeguard against all future power outages. All while helping to save on utility costs for seven years, and with no* upfront capital costs.

What’s the Plan?

Clients can choose from four short-term backup generators to rent that are readily available by Leading Edge Power Solutions (LEPS) for the first year, coinciding with the California fire season. For zero cost to vetted* facilities, LEPS will install a natural gas genset system that will be used for continuous and backup power. With the installation of the our smart generators, vetted* facilities can take advantage of SEVEN YEARS of virtually zero emissions backup energy at NO COST—all while reducing high utility bills.

Once initiated, the Smart Generator is controlled behind the meter to reduce demand charges, on peak rates. Clients pays for the kWh of genset runtime at fixed rates outlined in Energy Services Agreement (ESA), while LEPS is responsible for ongoing system O&M and fuel.

*Pending a customer load analysis


The natural gas generator housed in a weather-proof, noise-reducing enclosure to be used for base loading, backup, or prime power. The smart generator is “dispatchable” like a microgrid when it is needed, to eliminate your most expensive “on-peak” kWh(s). Best yet, our equipment can run grid parallel and, as an extra benefit, provides backup and emergency power (essential for California fire season).

Distinctive Benefits of LEPS: What Sets Us Apart?
  • Locked-in pricing, 7-year ESA
  • Reduced overall energy spend
  • Flexible generation schedules
  • Peak shaving and/or backup generator design
  • Intuitive user dashboards
  • No capital or O&M costs
  • Energy with virtually zero emissions

The Smart Generator System is compliant with South Coast AQMD Rule 1110.2 Emissions from gaseous-and liquid-fueled engines

  • The purpose of Rule 1110.2 is to reduce Oxides of Nitrogen (NOᵪ), Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), and Carbon Monoxide (CO) from engines.-South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD)
  • LEPS currently holds permits through SCAQMD

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