Our Patent Pending, distributed energy solution, includes our Clean 240kW natural gas generator housed in a weather-proof, noise-reducing enclosure to be used for base loading, backup, or prime power. Combined with innovative smart grid hardware, our onsite generator works to enhance your energy efficiency.

By partnering with LEPS, you’ll be given the opportunity to lower your electricity costs without operational interruption or upfront capital costs. Between locked-in pricing, flexible generation schedules, and zero O&M costs, you can guarantee to reduce your electrical charges from day one.

How it Works


LE 240 Generator

Get to know the features of our generator and system designed to maximize your energy efficiency and minimize your carbon footprint.

  • Stamford Alternator w/ PMG and MX341 AVR
    • PMG (Permanent magnet generator)
    • AVR (Automatic voltage regulator)
  • Luberfiner filtration system
  • 24 V start
  • Battery charger, rack and cables
  • Thermal protection from over-temperature conditions
  • 400A circuit breaker
  • Oil level control and extended run oil pan
  • Telemetry for cellular and satellite services including geofencing, GPS location, and service reminders

System Components

  • Natural gas internal combustion engine (ICE)
  • Proprietary rare earth element catalytic converter
  • Synchronizing electric generator
  • Proprietary control logic to dispatch generator in real time
  • Electrically designed for utility interconnection
  • Weather-proof, quiet enclosure for local site permitting

le 240’s
Catalytic Converter

SCAQMD Compliant

Our catalytic converter, the LE-XR7 has proven to emit 50% less in a continuous run state than standards set by the South Coast Air Quality Management District, one of the most stringent air quality management districts in the nation.

Providing Cleaner Energy

By controlling the exhaust emissions from the LE 240, the catalytic converter prevents toxic gases and pollutants from escaping into the surrounding environment.


  • Proprietary rare earth element catalytic converter
  • Reduces emissions to less than 50% of SCAQMD standards


LE240 Emissions 0.03 0.13 0.02
SCAQMD Standard 0.10 0.20 0.07

Over 50% lower than SCAQMD Standards

Features of le 240’s
Controller System

Our LE 240 has real-time dispatch logic (an on-site controller) that is watching how you are using power minute by minute. By analyzing your current tariff rate data, our controller works to understand which utility hours are the most expensive and eliminates those costly hours by running (dispatching) the LE 240 engine. Together with our Network Operating Center (NOC), we collect and store all the operating data and run financial audits to know exactly how the LE 240 has performed financially.

Energy Solution

In a number of ways, the LE 240 generator innovatively makes a way for businesses to lower their energy rate than the prevailing utility costs.


Clean onsite generator system maintains strictest emissions as mandated by SCAQMD in Southern California.


Fueled by natural gas, our generator is able to capitalize on one of the United States’ most abundant natural resources.

Price Stability

Customers receive a locked-in price that is at a lower price-point than their standard utility rate and are only charged for the power used.


Onsite energy management provides continuous hours of energy to keep facilities running regardless of power outages.

Inclusive Maintenance

LEPS covers the cost for installation, natural gas, operation, and maintenance – making it possible for businesses to receive cleaner energy without compromising.

Short Term, No-Risk Agreements

By eliminating upfront costs and binding contracts, LEPS energy systems allow businesses the opportunity to experience the benefits without pressure.

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