LEPS upholds its brand promise by being an innovator in commercial and industrial grade generator technology, developing an on-site, clean natural gas generator with a cutting-edge, proprietary control software system that utilizes unique algorithms to review real-time, behind-the-meter data to monitor and analyze performance, operation and maintenance, work with the customer loads for maximum efficiency and automatically transfer to grid-independent “backup” mode if it senses a grid outage.

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Each user interface provides comprehensive financial and performance audits using a web application that can be easily displayed from a desktop computer or mobile device. Our intuitive dashboard provides comprehensive performance reports and billing information. To fully optimize our generator to your specific needs, genset data is securely transmitted through a virtual private network (VPN) to our network operation center (NOC), then served to our browser-based, web application.

Remote Meter

With proprietary control logic to dispatch generators in real-time, you can trust that your utility meters are being constantly monitored for optimal performance. By utilizing unique algorithms, the connection between your utility meter and the generator is joined together to ensure the efficiency of your energy sources.

Load & Tariff
Data Analysis

Our generators have real-time dispatch logic (an on-site controller) that are monitoring how you are using power minute by minute. By analyzing your current tariff rate data, our controller works to understand which utility hours are the most expensive and reduces those costly hours by running (dispatching) the generator engine. Together with our Network Operating Center (NOC), we collect and store all the operating data and run financial audits to know exactly how the generator has performed financially.

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