Utility Bill Analytical Software
Electric $avings
Exceeds E.P.A. Standards

Energy Savings

Your business cannot be dependent on whether the sun is shining or if the wind is blowing!

With Leading Edge, you have an extremely stable, consistent, reliable electricity source. Leading Edge provides customers with a powerful combination of utility bill analytical software, electric savings, zero capital needs and virtually zero regulated emissions. Leading Edge provides all ongoing maintenance needs.

We will lower your electricity costs with no change to operations and reduce electrical charges from day one. We bring together smart grid hardware and on-site loads, to operate them efficiently, to achieve energy savings and resiliency.

Our customers are still tied into the utility power grid, using a combination of electricity from the utility and our LE-240 machine. We monitor your savings via our advanced software’s algorithms that select the most cost effective power source for our customers, at any given time, during the day or night. Our equipment can run grid parallel and, as an extra benefit, provide emergency backup power.

Utility rates will be going up because of the aging grid Infrastructure, renewable portfolio standards, and because of increasing emission reduction requirements. We analyze your historical electricity consumption, including 15-minute interval data and current utility tariffs, to generate the best savings for you. Leading Edge will provide a proven system to reduce energy and demand charges for commercial and industrial customers.


  • Load and Tariff Analysis
  • Generator Dispatch Algorithms
  • Financial Justification
  • Real Time Energy and Demand Charge Management
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Finance Performance Audits

We have remote monitoring software, providing the highest level of generator performance data, allowing us to properly monitor and maintain system usage for peak efficiency, plus avoiding breakdowns.